1 %
hemp derived cbd

Carefully roasted and whole bean infused, our coffee provides you with all of the benefits of CBD (cannabidiol). 

4 oz.
ground/Whole bean coffee

Hawaiian grown coffee blends available in 2oz, 4oz and 8oz bags. 

1 mg
~ per serving

 Our coffees are not over infused and provide a balanced dose to promote mental clarity and calmness. 


We believe that everyone can holistically integrate cannabis into their life.

Canna Roast is a small batch coffee company founded in Honolulu, Hawaii. We  partner with local roasters to infuse premium Hawaiian blend coffee with CBD extract derived from certified hemp.

Each bag is hand packed direct from local roasters for you to enjoy.

Measure 2 tbsp ground coffee per 1 cup of Coffee. You can brew Canna Roast in all of your favorite ways such as Aeropress, French Press, Espresso & Pour Over.

A delicious blend of goodness!

healthy regulation

Your Endocannabinoid System (ECS) is responsible for maintaining internal stability. When consumed, CBD binds to different receptor sites found in the body and works to regulate processes, like pain, mood, appetite, and memory.

Anxiety Relief

CBD has been shown to be beneficial for symptoms like inflammation, anxiety and depression. By feeding your ECS system your response to stress could improve which leads to other benefits for your health.


The research in terms of medical application of CBD is expanding. As a natural, plant derived anti-inflammatory, CBD joins other familiar players in this arena such as coffee!