50 mg
total hemp derived cbd

Provides mental clarity and increased focus. Known to have many healing properties and uses. 

1 oz.
whole bean coffee

Roasted on Oahu’s North Shore.This Colombian medium roast provides an aromatic and smooth taste with floral notes. 

1 mg
per serving

Add coffee to the mix and well, your mornings just got a whole lot brighter.


We believe that everyone can holistically integrate cannabis into their life. Canna Roast is a small batch coffee company founded in Honolulu, Hawaii. We  partner with local roasters to infuse whole coffee beans with CBD extract derived from certified hemp. We blend and hand pack each bag direct from local roasters for you to enjoy.

Measure 2 tbsp ground coffee per 1 cup of Coffee. You can brew Canna Roast in all of your favorite ways such as Aeropress, French Press, Espresso & Pour Over.