all Natural - Infused HAwaiian Coffee

Locally Roasted, Sustainably Sourced

We are a small batch coffee company established in Honolulu, Hawaii. We aim to provide delicious blends from one of the most unique growing locations in the world. Our Hawaiian coffee blends are carefully roasted and whole bean infused to ensure the freshness of each roast. Hawaiian coffee alone provides benefits unique to the region it was grown and has proven to be a powerful antioxidant on its own.


We started Canna Roast to make it easier to incorporate CBD into a daily routine that so many of us enjoy – Coffee! The natural compounds found in CBD and coffee provide all around good wellness.


Hemp contains CBD & many other Cannabinoids that have proven to be beneficial for overall physical health. Some of the health benefits include: Anxiety relief, pain & inflammation reduction & improvement in overall immune function. All of our blends use premium Hawaiian coffees and 100% single origin Arabica beans with no psychoactive effects when infused.


We believe our coffees provide a balanced sense of natural energy and focus with the added benefit of a regulated response to anxiety and stress.





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